A Simplified Users Guide to WordPress

Purpose of This WP User Manual

This site is intended to be a simple guide to using WordPress (WP) for those new to managing a WP powered site. In particular those who’ve had their WP site set up for them by a web designer or developer. It covers the common tasks of writing and managing content and basic site maintenance. It does not cover how to customize WordPress or any advanced coding.

It covers these topics;

After installing WordPress onto websites for clients we quickly realized that there is a bit of a learning curve for those new to running a website. Often small business owners who need the ability to update their own website but have no technical web skills. Or new bloggers who struggle with using the more technical, and overwhelmingly extensive, user manual available on the WordPress.org site.

We plan to keep this WordPress users guide as simple as we can. There is no need to re-invent the wheel as the WordPress Codex covers all the advanced stuff very well.

Contribute to this Project

Are you a designer or web developer using WordPress as a CMS to build websites for your clients? Tired of spending countless hours trying to tutor them on using the admin panel? Point them to this site to use as a users guide as they work through the learning curve.

Do you see WP topics not yet covered, yet you feel many of your clients, and others, would benefit if it was here? Then by all means contribute to this project.